A Manifesto

Because when I think of thousands fleeing violence and a mama’s baby somewhere hungry and so many people who need Hope and are searching in the wrong places, I wonder how I can even write one more post about living room decor and wedding stationery.

But here is the thing.

If you are reading this, you have been faced with a choice today, likely several. Each day brings a conglomeration of choices to make, big and seemingly small. There are wise choices and unwise, choices that propel forward and choices that propel backward.

Let’s make the choices count.

Just think about this. The savings from a few skipped lattes could provide a meal for someone in a refugee camp. The purchase of the right pillows for a living room decorating project could help support an artisan and their families. The leftover flowers from a wedding could brighten a lonely person’s Monday. Even the little choices can make a difference.
In this upside down world of selfies and self-care-obsession and self-worth-misplacement and self-ish-ness, try a less popular choice: selflessness. Pouring yourself out might lead you to feel more full and fulfilled than filling your schedule with spa routines and podcasts ever did.

But, much more importantly than that …. why is More than Lovely here?
We are here, in this little corner of the Internet, in our tiny squares and newsfeed and e-letters, to tell you something real – to make Him known. To make Jesus known.
We are here because you are here and Jesus meets us where we are. He is where worth is found. Much of a generation who don’t know Him may be trying to find worth in elusive numbers on a screen tallying “likes” or monetary value or “friend” count.

Do you have any idea how priceless you are, dear one?

Here is the truth. You – right now, reading this – are a precious creation of God. Before your first heartbeat, Jesus (Lord of all, God’s one and only Son) knew your name, He knew the number of hairs that would be your head, He knew every mistake and wrong choice you would ever make, and, knowing all this, He left Heaven and came here to give His life … for you. But that wasn’t the end – His grave is empty. He is mightier than death. He rose from the dead and because He made the ultimate sacrifice for you, you can choose to spend eternity with Him. He loves you beyond your wildest imaginings but He is not pushy. He gives you this choice. Will you choose life? Will you choose Him?

If you don’t know Him, I’d love to introduce you.

But, you don’t have to wait for an introduction or a church service. You can get to know Him right now, you can accept Him as your Savior, confess, repent, and start living for Him.

You are loved.