A New Take on a Bridal Bouquet

A New Take on a Bridal Bouquet

Pomanders, tussy-mussies, composite, cascade, basket …. the bouquet options are extensive. But, far more important than the shape of your flowers is their origin. The cut flower industry has a reputation for poor working conditions. To ensure that everyone involved in the making of your wedding day florals was treated fairly, ask for fair trade, local, or dried local flowers. This stunning bouquet is composed of dried florals and it makes quite the dramatic and socially conscious statement. The florist collected dry flowers in her garden, making the flower setup much more affordable. She shared the idea that the remaining floral budget could be donated to charity.



Photographer Neverending Magic Photography www.neverendingmagic.com

Location Hoogstede Venue https://www.facebook.com/hoogstedeRSA/

Makeup Artist Irina Grant https://www.facebook.com/Make-up-Stars-Cape-Town-338523172898000/

Calligrapher Iri Calligraphy https://www.instagram.com/iri_calligraphy/

Design and Decor Baie Goeters http://baiegoeters.co.za/

Dress Designer Vagabond Bridal www.vagabondbridal.com

Floral Designer Blomstories www.blomstories.co.za

Photographer Neverending Magic Photography www.neverendingmagic.com