Adventurous Engagement Session

From the photographer:

I am an adventure photographer. When we
planned their adventure session we knew it was going to be about 38 degrees and we were prepared for
the 2 mile hike. We were not prepared for the stormy skies that took over and the 10-15 MPH winds that set
in dropping the temp to what felt like 10 degree. We froze at the top of the mountain. The wind was so
piercing and cold that we could barely think or talk in full sentences. We were all in it together so we made
the best of it! Our time at the top of the mountain was only about 30 minutes but that is all we needed! Camry’s navy dress blew in the wind along with her beautiful blonde hair. Ben
held Camry tight to keep her warm which created so much emotion between the two of them. The view from
the top was incredible and like no other. The sky was split in half, one side was gloomy, dark with howling
winds while the other half has fluffy clouds, gorgeous colors and sunshine! We headed back down the
mountain with happy hearts.

For the adventurous bride and groom:

Consider eloping or having your wedding at a state park and donating the money you save to a charity!


Apparel Lulus
Photographer Sweet Snappin’ Photography

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