Document your Story With Artifact Uprising


(Artifact Uprising graciously collaborated with me on this post and gifted me some of their lovely products – the customization process was simple and the designs are beautiful!)

Documenting your story is so important.

Collecting keepsakes of memories and assembling hodge podge storybooks of chapters of our lives is something I enjoy so much. In the past, I, admittedly, haven’t been very consistent about doing so. Enter, Artifact Uprising.

Their archival quality photo books and prints make keeping memories beautiful and breezy. With customization options like gold foil and even recycled paper, you can tailor your albums to better fit the story within their covers.

The timeless quality of their products is matched with modern ease through the app.

Establishing a system for organizing, editing, and keepsake making with photos can help keep the memories from piling up, undocumented. Here is one system that you are welcome to copy, paste, and tweak.

Documentation System:

1. Designate a special folder on your phone for keepsake photos – pictures to fill albums and hang on the walls.

2. Take a few minutes to sort mobile photos, weekly, and place the keepers in your special folder.

3. Edit the photos with your favorite app. Filmborn, with its film like presets, has become one of my most used apps. Fujifilm 400H is my favorite color preset and make sure to turn the Details all the way up.

4. When your special folder is filled with the amount of photos you want in your albums (50 is usually an adequate number), upload them to a new gallery on Artifact Uprising’s mobile app. Then choose your product, customize, and order!

5. Add to your bookshelf or coffee table and reminisce!

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