Almost always at a wedding you can meet those two guys in suits, similar to the guard of the young man who accompany him everywhere (at least at first). So, your friend decided to get married and asked you to be one of them – to be friends. Terrible? This is only the first time. There is nothing wrong with friendship! If, of course, the friend is well acquainted with his duties, if not – let’s familiarize him with them. Before the wedding. 

With the phrase “wedding duties of friendship?” many friends think about how to organize a couple’s evening. Well, he can and will be, maybe crazy. But you need to prepare for the fact that the groom may ask his friends to take care of some other organizational points related to the wedding itself. For example, arrange a restaurant or transport, or help deliver groceries. There are many options, but friendship cannot refuse a young man, so try to live up to your friend’s trust. What will you do? Friendship is there to support a young person in a difficult moment! That day has come. Don’t be surprised by anything here, in particular, because the wedding is young, and the legs fall off in friendship. 

After all, where does the day begin? That’s right, friendships come to the young man, and he trembles and worries. This is where you need sincere male support and a cheering word, and then you can already prepare for the ceremonial departure for the bride. Given the confusion of the groom, true friendship will definitely check again whether he took the passport, rings, money and did not forget anything necessary (the bride’s bouquet). In addition, if a bottle of champagne is planned after the official ceremony, then this bottle should also be in the friendship. Well, and dishes, of course. Upon arrival, your friends will be waiting for you at the “gate”. Usually they are not going to let the girl in so easily. And here already, don’t let the sense of humor fail the friendship! After all, it should be fun and interesting at the gate. It will be easier for the young man to cheer up his friends, dear family of the bride and neighbors, and especially if you can quickly give a symbolic ransom to the friendship and lead him inside, where his unique bride is already waiting for him. By the way, you can drink vodka during redemption. 

You can (and even have to) drink it, but friendship must remember that true friendship must have a cold mind until the end of the feast. So what – self-control! When the young people have already met, girlfriends pin small bouquets (which are called the strange word ?boutonnieres?) on their friends’ jackets. Friendships, in turn, do not lag behind and thank the girls with candies – so do not forget to buy a box the day before. Other gifts are also possible. Ceremony. Well, now it’s time for the official part of the action! After parental blessings and broken plates, the newlyweds are waiting for the registry office. Yes, the friends get into the car with the bride and also head there. Actually, here you can catch your breath for a few minutes, you just need to carefully listen to the instructions of the registrar’s assistant and follow them politely – that is, who stands where, who greets when, etc. 

Immediately after the Registry Office, the procession usually goes to the church where the newlyweds get married (although it can be the other way around – first the church, then the Registry Office). The priest will tell you how to enter and where to stand. During the ceremony, friendship will have to pass a physical test – because it is not so easy to hold the crown over the young man’s head, especially if it is hot outside and stuffy in the church. But true friendship is ready for such therefore, it will stand with honor for 20 – 30 minutes with an outstretched hand. The hand can be changed, but the crown should be held only through a handkerchief. But the photographer does not need to squirm his physiognomy yet – the moment is very solemn. 

PHOTOSESSION. ?As usual, there is an hour of time between the church and the restaurant – for a photo session. For wedding photos, it is also necessary to have friendship in the frame. Therefore, the phrase “I am not photogenic” is inappropriate in this case. Hooray, banquet! ?After the photo shoot, the escort goes to the restaurant, where most of the guests are already waiting. Friends and girlfriends go inside in pairs following the newlyweds, help them during greetings (for example, handing bouquets to waiters), then sit next to each other, take part in various contests, and look for a stolen bride. By the way, friendships do not have the right to steal a bride. 

Their duty is on the contrary: to monitor that so that no one steals her from the bridegroom. And friendships casually add variety to wedding photos (especially towards the end) and generally have fun, as is customary at a wedding. But true friendship never abuses alcohol, because it knows: a video in a salad is not the best wedding video.

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