Newlywed Home Tips

Not sure which threshold you might be carried over? Here are a few newlywed home tips from apartment living to budgeting to a tiny house building company who gives back.

Apartment Living

Because of the restrictions of apartment living, it can be hard to make them feel like yours. Here are a few tips for making a temporary space more homey:

  • Bring in personal touches like artwork and heirlooms.
  • Window coverings make a huge difference. If you put shades a bit higher than the window and purchase floor length curtains, it may give the illusion of larger space.
  • If you are downsizing to move into the apartment, donate sofas and chairs to an animal shelter that accepts them for the pups to have a comfortable space.


Budgeting can be so helpful in affording your first home together, whether in an RV, an apartment, a fixer upper, or a new build. One simple tip is to break your monthly spending (bills, groceries, tithes, etc.) down into sections on paper and allot the appropriate amount of your expected earnings to each. Do this together and don’t forget to set aside a section of the budget for giving.

One Option

Tiny houses have gained popularity in the last little while as a possible option for debt free home ownership. If you are leaning toward tiny houses, check into Mustardseed Tiny Homes. They are Georgia based builders of premium tiny houses. They give back by partnering with Ithemba Shacks in Cape Town, South Africa where local men are trained and employed to build houses for families struggling in their community.

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