Pie Please – Cake Alternatives

Pie Please – Cake Alternatives

The tradition of cutting the cake is long established and much practiced but buttercream frosted tiers topped with a plastic bride and groom have some competition. In this decade, cake artists craft intricate and beautiful edible structures – cakes can mimic jewels, marble, and wood, they can come in multiple shapes, colors, and flavors. But there are many reasons for some brides to opt for other desserts:

The price tag of a multi-level sugary delicacy can add up by the slice.

People are getting creative, telling a story with their wedding details.

Allergies can factor into the decision.

Some people may just prefer pie over cake.

Regardless of your rhyme or reason, if you’ve decided that the traditional wedding cake is not your cup of tea, here are some other options to consider:

Cake Pops

Cake pops are easy to serve, still leaning toward traditional, and so very cute!

Cake Pops by Pop Goes the Party.

Photo Cred: Limelight Photography


A unique, delicious and relatively cost-effective option is donuts! Simply arrange them on a decadent gold platter, tuck two away to freeze for your anniversary, and garnish with flowers. No silverware needed!

Photos by: Jennifer Juniper Photography


Wonderful for a home-grown Southern wedding or intimate estate affair, fresh-baked pies are a winner. Get fancy with the lattice-work or even ask aunts, grandmothers, and mamas to contribute their favorite pie to the reception feast!

Ice Cream Sundaes

On a warm summer night, under twinkle lights, with hot fudge on top. Have a topping buffet and let guests serve themselves. One of the best parts is, it is easy to repeat the tradition as an anniversary celebration.