Pretty Up your Pies With This Easy Pie Crust Decor Tutorial

Pies are a classic staple on the Thanksgiving and Christmas table. Pumpkin, apple spice, or fresh-picked cherry. Whether you are using grandma’s trusty recipe, googled ingredients, or the instructions on the back of the can, you can make your take to gathering dessert look like a delicacy with these three simple tips.

1. Lattice

Latticework is a classic way to make a crust stand out. It can be as simple as criss cross dough or as elaborate as an intricate basketweave with filling peeking through. Simply cut the flattened pie crust into strips and imitate weaving (over, under pattern). Then, crimp the edges.

2. Ornamentation

Artfully squirted whipped cream, leaves and shapes atop the dough cut out with a cookie cutter, or a dusting of powdered sugar.

3. Imitation Lasercut

One trend in the wedding invitation world is lasercut paperie. You can imitate this with your pie crust by rolling out the dough, cutting out a pattern of shapes using cookie cutters, and laying the flattened dough over your pie with crimped edges.

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