Renovation Tips from Arrows and Bow’s Ashley Petrone

Fans of tiny homes may already know about the rv life adventures of @arrowsandbow. Ashley’s social media account is brimming with interior decorating ideas for homes of any size. The Petrone family purchased their 31ft 2003 Cougar Keystone for $8k. After 3 weeks and just under $3k to renovate it, they were ready to move into their new tiny “house on wheels.” Their space is cheerful, simple, and inviting and Ashley shared a few of her top rv renovation tips. Scroll on, to read!

From Ashley:





I love our RV bright white. The biggest question I get asked is, how do we keep it clean with 3 kids? Well surprisingly it’s very easy and everything wipes off with either a baby wipe or a magic eraser. We wiped down our walls with TSP to clean the walls and then used Dunn Edwards shellac paint and a small roller to paint the interior of the RV.



This was a bigger because that old blue dirty dirty carpet had to go. We replicated what we had in our previous home inside the RV.



This is a major update in any space, big or tiny. Again affordable and easy to do it yourself. It’s also a great way to keep your cabinets clean! No dirty fingers touching your newly painted cabinets.

Personal Touches

This is a big one! And if you skip 1-4 and go straight to this one, I understand! Whether you’re using your tiny space for travel or living, making it feel like a YOUR home is key. Here are a few personal touches I love:

1. Removing old drapes and adding updated blinds.

2. New bedding and pillows. You don’t need to break the bank on this. Get rid of that old factory stock bedding and bring it something that reminds you of home. One of my favorite things to buy are pillow covers, not the inserts. It saves space and I can easily update our space quickly without taking up room.

3. Removable sticker wallpaper is great for updating the RV. Don’t want to paint? Or maybe you do paint and want to add a pop like I did. Removable wallpaper is easy to install and remove and doesn’t harm your walls.

4. Plants and decor that say, this is our family! What makes your home yours? Bring it into this little space! Special mugs, plant holders, coffee maker, pictures… whatever it is. The goal is to make this space feel like comfortable.

My last tip, is less is more. Have fun with your space, but keep it simple.

Happy Renovating!

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