Royal Wedding – Anniversary Edition

One year ago, today, hundreds of people around the world witnessed a wedding – crowded along British streets, staring at television sets across the ocean, and seated in an elaborate chapel, they watched as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry became husband and wife.  The 2018 Royal Wedding may have been one of the most anticipated weddings of all time. In the days preceding, there were a multitude of guesses, headlines, and conversations. The marriage of an American actress and a Welsh prince was quite the real life fairytail and the setting belonged in a storybook.

The decadent surroundings of Windsor Castle, the rich tones of a choir, the sumptuous tradition, the freshness of something new.

One of the most wonderful things about the royal wedding of 2018 was the conscientiousness of it. From the donations to charity in lieu of gifts to the heirloom diamonds on Meghan’s ring. And they didn’t stop encouraging giving back with their wedding day – in fact, they asked something very special in celebration of a little miracle baby boy!

The Duke and Duchess are now parents of newborn Archie who was welcomed into their arms just a few days ago! Read about how Archie made a difference before he was born with the Global Sussex Baby Shower. Many congratulations to the Sussex family and warm hopes for the future!

On the royal couple’s one year anniversary, we bring you this extended look at the Royal Wedding and tips that you can glean from it for your own big day.

Party Like Royalty

A Royal Wedding! Whose alarms were set for the pomp, circumstance, fascinators, and castle spires? Whether you viewed the horse-drawn carriage parade from a double-decker bus or watched the ceremony from your couch with tea and scones, royal weddings are like pages from a fairytale!

You may not have the budget to book a castle or a trumpet band to herald your arrival, but there are some tangible ways that you can incorporate touches of this royal affair into your own wedding and give back while you’re at it!

It has been tradition since Queen Victoria’s wedding for royal brides to include a sprig of myrtle in their bouquet, as did Meghan’s, along with flowers rumored to be hand-picked by the groom from the grounds. Ask your florist to source your flowers locally.

It is said that descendants of Victoria’s own plant grow at Osborne House, even today. What an amazing idea to transplant a sprig of the flowers from your bouquet so they can live on!

The guest list usually brims with politicians and public figures but for this wedding, invitations were sent to some very special people doing amazing work. I hope you are inspired by this lovely example to make your own wedding meaningful and memorable and open a seat at the table for someone who may not have been invited, otherwise.

On a day that celebrates a love story, include details that have a story – a generational dress or vintage decor, for example. Some of the diamonds on Meghan’s stunning engagement ring once belonged to Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana. Choosing used and heirloom pieces can also ensure that you are not feeding into an industry that could have unethical practices. If you are buying new, make sure your stones are conflict free.

Harry and Meghan asked that donations be given to charity in lieu of gifts. This is a meaningful and simple way to make a huge difference on your wedding day. So Kind Registry allows you to customize your bridal registry to include used, new, handmade, and monetary gifts as well as gifts to charity.

Can you imagine waking up to see a little piece of the Royal Wedding on your nightstand – a beautiful bouquet? Another great takeaway from the duke and duchess’s nuptials is to donate the flowers post-ceremony to a hospice, nursing home, or hospital.

Are you a tradition twister or a custom keeper?

Circle all that apply and tally up your answers in this fun this or that!

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