Service and Love: Dennis and Brenda: Memorial Day 2018

Service and Love: Dennis and Brenda: Memorial Day 2018

It’s the beginning of a new tradition on the day honoring those who have served our country. Read about Dennis’s service, he and Brenda’s love story, and a piece of their marriage advice below!

1. Tell us your love story!

“Dennis and I met as members of our church as teenagers. I admired him at a distance as we were part of our church youth group. Dennis joined the Marines and did a four year service for our country and I went for my four year teaching degree. Then we both returned to our home church. We started dating at Christmas of 1971 and we were married eleven months later in November, 1972. We have traveled all 50 states and have always loved each other and put God first in our relationship. What a wonderful life, during these forty-five and a half years of marriage.”

2. What’s your favorite thing about each other?

“My husband is a loving and compassionate man. He loves me and my family and our friends. He loves God foremost and he always helps others wherever he is needed.”

“My wife is a Godly and intelligent woman. She is compassionate and loving.”

3. What is your favorite hobby together?

“Our favorite hobby is reading a good book, traveling, and going to the movies.”

4. Thank you so much for your service! Tell us about your time serving our country.

“I served in the Vietnam War as a truck driver. I served in California, Hawaii and Okinawa, North Carolina and Washington, D.C.”

5. What are your top 5 tips for a happy marriage? What has marriage taught you?

“1. Keep God first in your life.

2. Make time for each other and keep communication open between you and your spouse.

3. Be considerate of each other at all times. Remember, it’s not all about ‘me’ , it’s all about ‘us.’

4. Plan fun activities together and don’t forget ‘date night’ once a week and remember what brought you together in the first place.

5. Marital fidelity is of utmost importance.”

“Marriage has taught us how to live harmoniously together and the true meaning of love. It’s wonderful to have your companion by your side during all life situations.”