Surprise Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

Surprise Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

This couple had quite the adventurous anniversary celebration, including a park, a wedding dress that had withstood the years, clues – and one member of the duo was kept clueless until the big reveal!

The bride, Kim, worked with her photographer, Rheanna Lynn Photography, to create a scavenger hunt around town to a few locations that were meaningful for she and her husband. The date was set for her birthday when the kids would be at school and a special birthday lunch request would give her an excuse to ask Chad to get dressed up and fancy.

The morning of the photoshoot, Kim left the first note under her pillow and went to a friends house to get ready. After planting her notes all around town, she sent Chad a text suggesting there was a note under her pillow that would tell him where she wanted to have lunch that afternoon. Little did he know it was about to send him around town and lead him to Kim waiting in her wedding dress for a photo shoot in celebration of their anniversary!

The ground at the local park where their family spent a lot of time together was coated in snow. Kim walked around from the tree that she had been hiding behind and Chad responded full of smiles and laughs, “Wow, look at you! What are you doing?!”

The elaborate plan had worked!