The Bride’s Grandmother’s Favorite Flowers At This Eco-Friendly Real Wedding

The inspiration behind this real wedding day was a feeling. The sunflower and baby’s breath bouquet, mint car interior, and environmentally conscious choices of these college sweethearts make us very happy. But, wait till you read the reason behind them!

From the photographer: “They  wanted a theme that would bring them joy, and for them the rustic theme was the way to go…. There were lots of wood tones, browns, whites, blues, greens, and yellows. …It was very important to Stephen and Jenny to not create such an environmental burden. Due to this, many of the items used were repurposed, recycled, or biodegradable. The plates and utensils we used were made of birch wood, so these would compost naturally. The utensil holders were made with butcher paper and a burlap flower, which would also be able to compost. We also made sure to print our thank you notes to our guests on recycled paper and decided to opt for e-invites and rsvps as opposed to using all that paper on traditional invitations. Most of the decor will be re-purposed to decorate their room in their home. 

“…Jenny’s favorite flowers are daisies and sunflowers. Daisies and sunflowers have always had a significance to her because the daisy represents her grandmother and the sunflower represents my grandfather. My grandmother was someone that Jenny was very close to and her name was Daisy and her grandmother’s favorite flowers were sunflowers and my grandfather used to grow sunflowers for her in their home to bring her joy.  They also used baby’s breathe it is a symbol of long lasting love and it represents the purity of emotion that two people should have for each other during a wedding ceremony. The flowers that the bridesmaids used in the ceremony were also the flowers used in the centerpieces of the table, and her bouquet was the centerpiece on the sweetheart table.”

” There were many special moments throughout the day like when Jenny did her first look with her mom. Her mom raised her as a single mom and has been there for her for every moment of her life. She also incorporated a special dances with loved ones other than the traditional father daughter and mother son. Then, her little brother challenged Jenny to a dance off, which caught her so off guard … It was all so great, I love all the memories!”


Other    Dann Production Miami               

Beauty  Makeup by Alessandria

Tuxedo and Mens Attire               Mr. Tux               

Caterer Andy’s Creations             

Cake Designer   Love of Sweets

Floral Designer  Artistic Creations by AC

Shoes    DSW     

Veils and headpieces     Davids Bridal     

Dress Store         Alfred Angelo   

Photographer    M Suarez Photography