The Flowers From This Wedding Are Stunning But What Happened To Them Next Is Even More Beautiful

This bride’s mother gave flowers away to guests as they were leaving to help bring life to their homes. The couple also donated some of the remaining flowers to a local hospice center in West Bend after the wedding.

From the photographer:

The Couple

Diana and Adam. Diana and Adam. What can I say about these two? Immediately, the first time I met them, I knew we would get along well.

Adam is a down-to-earth guy who is extremely amiable. Diana has a smile light lights 40 square miles around her. Her presence is a beam of sunlight entering a room.

Diana teaches small children and Adam works as a civil engineer. It is obvious these two work as a team, are extremely intelligent and have goals they want to achieve.

The Ceremony

We were able to capture a few incredible moments in which these two looked at each other. I could see their emotions written within the lines of their faces. As my eyes peered through my viewfinder, my heart warmed.


The day of Diana and Adam’s wedding was hot. Really, REALLY hot. We had to strike a balance between taking indoor photos and spending just enough time outside that we didn’t melt.

Diana and Adam, though, were champs.”








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