This Artist Bride and Musician Groom’s Celebration Is One for the Books!


This sweet bride and groom’s breathtaking celebration was pulled off in 3 months and is truly beautiful!


From the photographer: “Sherlee and Mark were having the year of their life when they reached out to me two weeks before their wedding day. She described themselves as goofy creatives – he being a musician in a surf rock band and her, an artist and illustrator. They were not only so excited about the intimate wedding they had planned, but for the birth of their son this coming November. They had been engaged for three years and upon finding out their wonderful news, decided they could no longer wait to start the rest of their lives together. In 3 months, with the help of their dearest friends and family members, they turned around a wedding that can only be described as so full of love you could not leave their presence without being completely enthralled in it. Their love, and happiness, and excitement for life was infectious and like nothing I’ve ever witnessed. It was colorful, bold, vivid and light, filled with laughter and tears, dancing and the most delicious Korean barbecue.”

Ethical Wedding Tip: Find vendors who give back! Like our More than Lovely Vendor, Taylor Lauren Photography, the brilliant artist behind these photos!