Tips for a Last Minute Easter Tablescape

This weekend we celebrate the day everything changed!

Maybe you have had a traditional family gathering planned since last annum and already have an untouched spring table ready for guests. Or maybe you are more like me and the plans tend not to make it from your head to your hands until the last few minutes.

Keep scrolling for tips to easily to pull together a lovely brunch table with things you may already have:

Use the Fancy China

If you have wedding dishes or your grandmother’s fine china, pull it out to dress up your table. If there is time, visit the local Habitat for Humanity Restore or charity thrift store. Mismatched vintage china makes a lovely place setting. There are also often old fashioned candleholders.

Raid the Fridge

Even food can make beautiful décor! A brush pen and some out of date eggs combine for unusual placecards and fruit can fill out a bouquet. Purchase local or fair trade flowers from your local grocery store or snip some blooms from your backyard (or you can even use faux stems you already have).


That tablecloth – it’s a sheet! The chairs are hand me downs from our kitchen and the baskets and bucket were already owned. There may or may not be a pile of knick knacks I dumped out somewhere in the house so the basket was free for use.

Get Crafty

Ribbon wands are an easy spring craft that can be beautiful and fun can be whipped up with scrap fabric and a dowel from the craft store. You could even get the kids involved in making them if they are old enough to craft safely. Hand lettering a Scripture on a piece of paper can help remind you of the Reason for this celebration.

Take it Outside

There’s something about dining al fresco that makes the meal feel more special. Borrow beauty from creation by picnicking on the porch or sliding your kitchen chairs into the backyard. And be conscious of the animals who share the outdoors with you by disposing of trash properly, recycling, and going plastic free.

Of course, beautiful table decorations and homecooked food are not what Easter is about. We have a Savior Who loved us enough to die for us and loves us, still. He is risen, He is alive, He knows you fully, yet He loves you fully.

I hope for you and yours a very Happy Easter!

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