Untraditional Tradition | So Kind Bridal Registry

There are so many experiences to look forward to in the wedding planning process, one of which is creating your wedding registry! Choosing the china for your meals together as husband and wife and selecting decor for your new home is such a wonderful box to check off the planner but there are meaningful gifts that you may not find strolling the aisles of department stores.

So Kind is an amazing registry that enables people to register for traditional as well as non-traditional gifts. You can choose new, used, handmade, and even charitable donations – so that your gifts can be gifts for others! You can even customize the look of your registry. Just go to https://sokindregistry.org/ and click Create a Registry to get started.

Here are a few suggestions for gifts to add to your list:

1. Donation to Charity Let the first gift on your registry be a gift for someone else. So Kind allows you to ask for donations to a charity of your choice. You can also get specific with items like child sponsorship or water for a community so that guests will know the impact their gift has.

2. Gifts that Give Back It can be hard to determine whether gifts in department stores are ethically made and even harder to find gifts that have a give back aspect. With So Kind, you can add gifts to your registry that are from less typical stores by simply adding a URL.

3. Gifts with a Story Hand me downs and heirlooms are such special pieces for your new home; some gifts are the best when they have been pre-loved.

4. Handmade Gifts and Gifts of Service You could ask for help with wedding planning, house hunting, or food and even register for items like signs and decor handmade by your talented friends.