Brandilynn Aines Photography

Brandilynn Aines Photography
Brandilynn Aines Photography

Brandilynn Aines Photography is an Arizona based wedding photographer, available locally and internationally. ‘I am also a military daughter and spouse. I use my wedding & portrait services to donate and bring awareness to soldier suicide & mental illnesses. I am a surviving daughter of soldier suicide with a step dad who suffered from PTSD & Bi-Polar Disorder. I want to bring more awareness to people who may have no connection to the military or someone who suffers with mental illnesses daily. It’s a serious issue that our country is facing and there needs to be more awareness brought to help stop this tragic epidemic. As far as local and globally giving back, there are local chapters in the organization called Stop Soldier Suicide, as well as National Chapters. Giving has been a pretty positive impact on my business through getting to know more military families and teaching people about this issue.’



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