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Rachel Gomez Photography
Rachel Gomez Photography


I’ve been working with two very different NPOs in Colorado. The first is called VSA/Colorado Access Gallery in Denver (http://accessgallery.org/).  One of our students is completely blind. The students have been photographing the Colorado Ballet and are working to produce their own gallery show for the Colorado Month of Photography. Students will have a chance to create unique works of art, as well as possibly sell the artwork to support the gallery. This organization is amazing for their selfless nature and dedication to teaching arts to disabled students, while working with local and national artists. I have decided to gift wedding coverage to the gallery’s Assistant Director, as a way of thanking her for all of her hard work and commitment to an underserved population.

The second NPO is called the Growe Foundation (http://growefoundation.org/). They are based in Boulder, CO and are dedicated to creating garden to table programs at every local public elementary school. I’ve partnered with the founder to photograph fundraiser events, including their famous Fish to Farm Dinner and the Boulder Burgundy Wine Festival. We have also worked together to photograph the gardens, the students, their garden happy lunches and more. These images help Growe to gain more funding and to spread the word easily in the digital era.

Both organizations have helped me refocus on what really matters in our business, and for me that includes Legacy. Both Access and Growe work hard to leave this place better than how we found it, to educate their students as well as the surrounding community, and to help us all lead healthier and more rewarding lives. Students who attend classes at Access Gallery are often overlooked or dismissed due to their disabilities. We want to do everything we can to empower our students and educate others to overturn old stereotypes and stigmas. This is some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. The people who have been attracted to my business as a result, have also learned about ways they can do more, some of whom have gone on to donate their own time or funds.

The vendors I’ve met through this experience have helped guide me to work with couples who want to work with those who give back. Finding these likeminded wedding professionals has been so encouraging, especially when there can be so much focus on the “stuff” rather than the purpose of the celebrations.












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